For the last 20 years we've worked in the publishing industry and over the years we had many opportunities to work with educators. We also worked at the helm of a chain of schools managing multiple curriculum systems - Central Board of Secondary Education, India (CBSE), Cambridge IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education), International Baccalaureate (IB), and Alberta Program of Study in India. These opportunities enabled us to acquire deep domain expertise in education. Coming from the backgrounds of finance, technology and publishing our core team is now in a very unique position to work in education.

In 2016 we felt ready to take on a project in education. Looking at contemporary challenges the world faces today we also felt that it was the right time to do something.

Entrepreneurs, educators, engineers, scientists and artists have come together to realise a vision of education that is relevant for our times.

We are building a K1-12 residential IB World school in India that will deliver modern and meaningful education that is deeply rooted in our culture.

This school will offer Competency-Based Education (CBE) based on the IB Curriculum Framework along with a number of project based experiential learning opportunities. The school project will begin in 2019.

Needs of the 21st-century learner require that schools and educators fundamentally change their practices to bring about radical transformation in education.

Currently we are building technology tools to deliver Competency-Based Personalised Education as well as a strong network of teachers and educators.



The fabric of our society has been utterly transformed. It is time education catches up. We believe that technology can empower this transformation. We're working to create a school with these ideas --


Competencies are the essential skills and knowledge that students must develop, and be able to successfully apply in multiple ways and contexts, in order to graduate. Each subject has a unique set of competencies that students develop continuously throughout K 1-12.


Our educators will work with students to create personalised learning pathway that represent a unique series of instructional choices based on personal needs, interests, and approach to learning. The result is a student who understands both the content and process of learning.


Competencies are based upon and drawn from the IB Curriculum Framework. This ensures that all students achieve academic mastery and acquire the social-emotional skills and critical thinking strategies they need to be successful learners and doers in an ever-changing world.


Students develop knowledge, skills, and values from direct experiences outside a traditional academic setting, such as an internship or a service-oriented project. Students conduct research, integrate theory and practice, and apply knowledge and skills to develop solutions to real-world problems.



Creating environments where students thrive and discover their greatest potential is central to our mission. From school design to educator quality - we are deeply contemplating and working upon different aspects of a school system. We're using technology in the context of a school system in ways that are unique.

Our mission is to enable children to discover and live their greatest potential and meaning in life.

We believe --