Robert Forrest-Webb


Robert Forrest-Webb

DMI helped Robert transform typewriter-written books into eBooks.

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Robert Forrest-Webb is the Joint Managing Director at Forrest Webb Productions Ltd. He is 8th Dan Aikido and was awarded 2012 by Shodokan (Osaka) & BAA England. Forrest Webb Productions Limited is located at Trelasdee Farm, St Weonards, Herefordshire, United Kingdom.

Robert Forrest-Webb is a former national newspaper journalist who migrated to the kinder world of magazines and became executive editor of one of Britain's largest publishing companies. He retired from what he calls his personal 'last post' when the first of his novels hit the big time and sold out its first edition in little over a week.

"But why write under your own name and three other pseudonyms?" People ask. "Because I really do enjoy writing. I hate being stuck in a rut, and I like variety of subject and style. It broadens the challenge and because readers identify subject with a writer's identity I need the pseudonyms."

Robert Trevelyan is Bob's 'swash and buckle' genre, but one of his other pseudonyms is that of a woman, Roberta Forrest. How does that work for a writer of very tough adventure novels and literary award-winning humour? "Ah," he replies. "That was an extra special challenge. My lady agent at that time claimed I'd never be able to write like a woman, but I did. And the book, 'The Lushai Girl', was runner-up in the Romantic Novelist's Association's 'Most Romantic Novel of the Year' competition!" And the David Forrest pseudonym? " Different to the others, because it's for two of us! If you write comedy you need to be able to test the humour and broaden funny ideas. David Eliades, a fellow journalist, is the other half, and it worked well. We got a Disney film and a long-running musical out of it." Forrest-Webb's enthusiastic and imaginative writing has made him a successful and popular author.




Robert Forrest-Webb contacted Digital Media Initiatives in 2011 as he was challenged to transform his 22 published titles to digital format eBooks. All were originally written on a typewriter and so there were no original manuscripts but the print copies of the books were available. The challenge was to do the conversion of printed books to eBooks.  


  • Digitisation of typewriter-written books
  • Digital Distribution

To date fourteen of Forrest-Webb's novels, previously published World-wide as hardcovers and paperbacks, have been e-published in Kindle and ePub formats, either in his own name or one of his pseudonyms.

A brilliant company and a pleasure to have worked with. I hope we’ll being doing more together in the near future. Good luck and thanks to you all.
— Robert Forrest-Webb


Digitised versions boosts sales and reaches many more readers than before.