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Penguin Random House

DMI created a production automation solution for Random House.

Keywords: ePub, DocBook XML, XML Workflow

Penguin Random House is the largest general interest paperback publisher in the world. It comprises the adult and children’s fiction and nonfiction print and digital trade book publishing businesses. It comprises almost 250 editorially and creatively independent imprints and publishing houses that collectively publish more than 15,000 new titles annually.

As of 2013, it is part of Penguin Random House, which is jointly owned by German media conglomerate Bertelsmann and British global education and publishing company Pearson PLC.



Random House Inc. approached us to accomplish several goals in their ongoing efforts to digitize backlist titles and move to using more XML in RH workflows.

Digital Media Initiatives ("DMI") was a natural technology partner for RH with its extreme know-how not only on the emerging e-publishing standards, but also the advanced XML (eXtensible Markup Language) technologies and workflows. Once the relationship was established, DMI created automated correction systems for RH's existing ePub inventory. DMI also established a transformation process through DocBook XML pipeline for an entire backlist and frontlist titles.


  • High volume digital conversion
  • Customised software solution
  • Advanced publishing workflow and automation

As the publishing industry moved to adopt ePub standard as the only format for retailers, DMI fulfilled this opportunity to ease RH's production and correction processes. RH could increase their ongoing frontlist eBook conversion volume as well as converting the remaining backlist that are not available as eBooks. RH was also able to reduce their internal QA procedures by establishing a successful partnership with DMI as their QA expectations were entirely met. RH also decided to adopt the DocBook standard as their base XML conversions in order to have a more robust set of book tags available for future reuse of this XML. A large size of RH's eBook catalog was managed by DMI.

We have benefited from your expertise and professionalism and we look forward to a long relationship with DMI.
— Russell White, Manager, Content Conversion Technical Lead, Random House


Random House's publishing automation has been built by DMI and helps them publish thousands of titles every week.