We are a trusted digital instructional materials publishing studio committed to making learning personalized, deeper & enjoyable for students. Founded in 2007, we work closely with clients throughout the entire digital products publishing process. As a creative partner we help publishers and their brands achieve ambitions goals through our expertise in technology.

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Product Portfolio

  • Digital Publishing

    ePubNow! is an end-to-end digital publishing service for authors and publishers.

    ePubNow! is a powerful single-source multiple-format production platform. It also offers DocBook XML (version 5.0) transformation to EPUB, Kindle, EDUPUB, NIMAS and DAISY DTB formats. Key features —

    • End-to-end ebooks production platform
    • Trusted by over 1000 authors and publishers worldwide
  • Education

    NIMAS Master is a seamless, managed and end-to-end Accessible Educational Materials (AEM) production service.

    The NIMAS is a technical standard used by publishers to produce source files (in XML) that may be used to develop multiple specialized formats (such as Braille or audio books) for students with print disabilities. NIMAS Master is a trusted vendor for assisting academic publishers produce NIMAS fileset, accessible digital educational products and solutions. We are proud that our work has helped hundreds of thousands of differently abled students. Key features —

    • NIMAS Conversion
    • Math-ML Ready
    • NIMAC Validation & Submission
    • Digital Talking Books
    • Digital Braille Books

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    PISA Master is an upcoming resource for the PISA Exam.

    The most comprehensive deep learning and preparation for PISA based tests. The PISA Master integrates a curriculum framework with deeper competencies in reading, science, mathematics, collaborative problem solving and financial literacy. Key features —

    • Based on Competency Based Education system
    • Aligns with curriculum frameworks of over 80 OECD member countries
    • Best in breed Teaching-Learning Management platform

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    STM Weekly is an upcoming weekly publication for K-12 students.

    A clear understanding of Science, Technology & Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) is critical to develop capacity to influence the future of our planet in a positive way. The aim of the STM Weekly is to support all young people to become informed and critical users of scientific knowledge. Key features —

    • Offers Maker Education in STEM
    • Weekly format aligned to over 80 OECD Member countries
    • Integrated with PISA Master

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  • Title Management & Retail

    ONIX Master is a simple and powerful cloud-based ONIX editor for publishers.

    ONIX-for-Books is an XML-based standard for rich book metadata, providing a consistent way for publishers, retailers and their supply chain partners to communicate rich information about their products. It is expressly designed to be used globally, and is not limited to any one language or the characteristics of a specific national book trade. ONIX Master is a powerful yet easy tool to manage rich title data. Key features —

    • Robust title metadata management system
    • Improves visibility of titles and resources
    • Improves efficiency for your title data management
    • Lowers costs

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    Digital Media Reserve allows publishers to securely store and deliver electronic books.

    Digital Media Reserve implements Digital Rights Management (DRM) security for eBooks in EPUB and PDF formats. DRM secured eBooks can be accessed only by legitimate readers — thus enforcing digtal rights of publishers and authors. It works around the robust Adobe DRM system.  Key features —

    • Adobe DRM implementation
    • Integrated with ONIX Master for Title Metadata Managament
    • Robust integration with Antrik eBookstore system for delivering secured EPUB and PDF formats.

    Antrik Bookstore is an online bookstore for introspective books.

    Antrik Express can deliver both print and digital publications and has a robust e-commerce system integated with it. We also offer online retail solutions to publishers and authors. Key features —

    • Niche online bookstore for introspective books
    • Integrated with eBooks DRM system
    • Offers EPUB and PDF/A formats of eBooks
    • Multiple genres — BISAC and THEMA Classifications
    • eCommerce integration with multiple payment gateways
    • Sales Reports
    • CRM
    • Personalization
    • Reviews
    • Powerful backend integrated with ONIX Master
    • Powerful backend integrated with ONIX Master & Digital Media Reserve
    • Proven platform for ditributing books and eBooks online
    • White-labled bookstore offered